Buy Original Used Clothing in Bags Untouched

If you want to buy original used clothes in untouched bags we offer you the best suppliers.

Before offering clothing from a supplier on our website, we visit the provider and check the merchandise. We check at least 200 kilos of clothing chosen at random, and we see percentages of man, woman and child, both summer and winter.

In order to prevent that the supplier send to you used clothing already worked, touched (for example removing men), or poor quality (mixing original clothes with clothes from clean points), we will be present the day of the load, and we open bags at random.

The price that appears on the web includes all this service. Even managing the load and delivery . The transport cost is not included.

You can see the original used clothing offer on the left side of our website.

If you want to place an order, contact us through the contact form, or click on:


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